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The Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) supports professional artists and artsworkers to practice their art, resulting in mutual development of the professional artists/artsworkers and communities in Outback Queensland. RADF is a partnership between the Queensland Government and Cloncurry Shire Council to support local arts and culture. 

RADF supports the delivery of outcomes that meet the priority of the Arts for all Queenslanders Strategy 2014-2018, being:

  • artistic, cultural, social and economic returns on investment
  • strengthen commercial and entrepreneurial capacity
  • strengthen cultural tourism
  • grow public value of arts and culture. 

The objectives of RADF are;

  • supporting locally determined arts and cultural priorities
  • supporting local artists and arts and cultural activity
  • providing opportunities for local communities to participate in arts and cultural activities. 

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For detailed information about the stage production - Babushka in Happily Ever After - see here

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