Cloncurry Community Grants Program Cloncurry Community Grants Program

The aim of Cloncurry Shire Council's Grant program is designed to provide assistance through Grants, Sponsorship (cash and in-kind) and donations (including bursaries) to support community organisations, groups or individuals that make a positive contribution to the sustainable development of our region's culture, economic, sporting and environmental pursuits.

Applications may be submitted under the following categories to the maximum amount indicated. Please note that the level of assistance available is limited by Council’s budget allocation and its priorities. No applicant can be guaranteed funding nor can any applicant be guaranteed to receive the full amount requested.


Maximum (cash or in- kind)

Community Activities/Events Development Grants are offered under this category to assist organisations with the planning and development of local community events that will assist in building community capacity and promoting community cohesion.  If your event is an annual event to raise money for charity, it is expected that sufficient funds would be retained to cover expenses for the following year.


Community Activities/Events Development Eg Curry Merry Muster Festival, Stockman’s Challenge and Campdraft, Cloncurry and District Show. As per above description for Community Activities/Events Developments


Sport and Recreation Development A grant under this category is for the support of community-based sporting organisations/associations in the development of sport and recreation projects and activities for residents in the Cloncurry region. Capital purchases deemed necessary for the development, support or administration of the proposed sporting activity may also be submitted under this category.


Community Cultural Development The aim of the Community Cultural Development Grant is to develop the capacity of local groups to broaden the opportunities that may be available to participate in cultural activities.


Activities contributing to the Economic Vitality of Cloncurry This category is to encourage activities, other than those in previous categories that can be seen to be contributing to the economic viability of the area. For example: a contribution towards a one-off event that attracts a high number of visitors to the area.


Small Equipment The small equipment category is to provide financial assistance for the purchase of equipment which will support the development of the organisation or its volunteers. For example: computers, office equipment or kitchen appliances etc.


Community Printing and In-Kind Assistance Program Open to non-profit club of organisation located in Cloncurry Shire. The purpose is to provide reproduction of programs, agendas, reports, newsletters or use of small equipment items i.e. portable PA, whiteboard, tables, chairs, lectern.

Up to value of $200

Local Training Bursary A financial contribution towards travel and accommodation to participate in training courses/workshops that will provide direct benefit back to the Cloncurry Shire community, whether be Sport and Recreation, Arts and Culture were an applicant may not be able to.

Up to $1,000

Bursary (local) A financial contribution to a local school or educational facility based in Cloncurry Shire that supports or recognises achievement of a student under the age of 18.


Bursary (State) A financial contribution towards travel and associated costs related to representing Cloncurry Shire at a State (or above) level in their chosen sport/activity.


Bursary (National) A financial contribution towards travel and associated costs related to representing Cloncurry Shire at a State (or above) level in their chosen sport/activity.




Submissions will be considered on a quarterly basis at the Ordinary Council meeting scheduled for that month. Submissions close for each round close two weeks prior to the Ordinary Council Meeting.

Round 1: June
Round 2: September
Round 3: November
Round 4: March

To apply for grants please use the following guidelines and application forms.

Grants Grants

There are a number of grant finders to help you locate the grants and assistance programs most relevant to your business. 

Council can assist your grant or assistance application by supplying a letter of support. If you would like a letter of support please make a request in writing to the Chief Executive Officer.