2019-2020 Projects

Sheaffe street upgrade:
Sheaffe street have been upgraded to complete the streetscaping work between Daintree and Alice street. The footpaths were upgraded and landscaping with irrigation was done. It also focused on providing better drainage between the Copper Creek Bridge and Alice street. 

Sheaffe St


Karl Katter Bridge:
The new Carl Katter Bridge was completed 30 December 2019. The primary objective for the project was to replace the existing deteriorating single lane bridge with a double lane. The bridge serves the local traffic along the Sir Hudson Fysh Drive. It was also constructed to improve the safety of all transport users, improve flood resistance, and reduce the maintenance. The project was funded by the Transport Infrastructure Development Scheme (TIDS).

Carl Katter


Mary Kathleen Outdoor Fitness Equipment:
The new fitness equipment at the Mary Kathleen Park was completed 30 December 2019. Council wanted to provide community functional infrastructure that could benefit their health and wellbeing.

MK     MK Park



Mary Kathleen Car Park and Access:
The upgrade of the car park and access to the Mary Kathleen Park was a project with the aim to improve the ease of access for any tourists. New footpaths were constructed, and the barbeque areas will be upgraded.



Florence Clark Park:
This project aims to transform a civic space to attract visitors and create a space where community can come together, enhancing community pride and identity. The existing has been transformed into a modern, community hub that engages and inspires people of all ages in recreation and leisure activities.




Bulls Statue:
Life size bulls have been strategically placed around town which represents the cattle industry in town. One of the bulls have been placed at the airport and the other bull in the Robertson’s Park next to the railway. The bulls have been placed at the specific areas to welcome people into the town.



General Waste Facility Toe Drain:
This project included the relocation of the fence to the property boundary allowing space to construct the toe drain which is designed to catch all runoff waste from the General Waste Facility. This will prevent the any waste from going into the pond.