2020-2021 Projects

Cropping the Curry:
"Cropping the Curry" is  a partnership between Cloncurry Shire Council and DAF designed to demonstrate the commercial viability of cropping in the Cloncurry region. To attract a skilled and experienced cropper the  project will provide attractive lease terms, including a water allocation, a shaded work area and fully fenced section of the Cloncurry Town Common as a way to reduce capital investment risk for an early production investor and to fast tracking cropping development in the Shire.

Cemetery Masterplan
Council has decided to upgrade the lawn cemetery on Sir Hudson Fysh Drive. It will part of greater beautification works to enhance the appearance of the cemetery.  These works will be undertaken over three (3) stages, and includes the installation of a larger irrigation system, the contemplation structure, a memorial wall, seats, a notice board, remediation of the internal roads and the installation of an external sealed carpark as well as a footpath running along part of the eastern boundary in front of the carpark.

Chinaman Creek Masterplan 
A concept plan has been developed for the Chinaman Creek Dam Recreational Reserve and will include the redevelopment and upgrading of the existing site. The following facilities will be included but will not be limited to:
•    New amenities block
•    New storage for maintenance purposes
•    Sheltered BBQ facilities
•    Children’s play area with security fencing
•    Landscaping development

Cloncurry Streetscaping Masterplan
A streetscape master plan for the centre zone of the Cloncurry Township has been developed. It will include the conceptual design of the town entry statements at the eastern and western entrances to the township. This will create a strong sense of place and identity for the township. The masterplan will incorporate and maximise the provision of landscape amenity.