The Cloncurry Shire Council comprises five Councillors and one Mayor. Council's current elected members were appointed for Council in April 2020 and will serve a four-year term.

Councillor Dane Swalling, Councillor Damien McGee, Mayor Gregory Campbell, Councillor Vicky Campbell, Councillor Brad Rix


ImageMayor Gregory Campbell

P 07 4742 4100
M 0484 829 444

Mayor Greg Campbell was born and grew up in Cloncurry, and is proud to call Cloncurry home. Cr Campbell and his wife Ana have 3 children, Caleb, Cooper, and Scarlett. Greg completed his schooling years at the Cloncurry State School, finishing his final year as School Captain. Mayor Campbells family runs a beef cattle operation in the area and is very passionate about promoting the strength and importance of the industry and the high quality of the product produced. Having a thorough knowledge of this industry places Mayor Campbell in a prime position to lobby for funding and grants to assist growing the agricultural industry.

Mayor Campbell has been heavily involved in the community for many years including being a Rotarian, a Merry Muster Committee member, and a regular volunteer of the Cloncurry races, Show and school events. Mayor Campbell founded the Cloncurry Fish Stocking Committee in 2005 successfully stocking Barra in Chinaman Creek Dam.  He was also one of the Co-Founders of the Cloncurry Football Club in 2006/07, becoming the Inaugural Treasurer and Junior Coach. All the above committees are still as strong today as they were when they were first initiated. Receiving the Cloncurry Shire Citizen of the Year Award in 2009 was a very proud moment, and Cr Campbell gave credit to his family for their support and long-term community service.

Mayor Campbell was first elected to Council in 2004 as a Councillor and again in 2008, when he was honoured to be elected Deputy by his fellow Councillors. Mayor Campbell was fully committed to these roles whilst working in various technical and managerial roles with Ergon.  An understanding of this industry also proving valuable when lobbying for funding and being a member on the current MITEZ and CopperString 2.0 projects. In 2016 Greg was elected as Mayor of Cloncurry. His first term was full of achievements that set the Cloncurry Shire up for long term prosperity.  Cloncurry celebrating 150 years was a major highlight. A focus on financial consolidation and improving the quality of services to residents has always been a focus. Approximately 80% of all sealed roads across the Shire have been rebuilt or resealed.

Making Cloncurry a ‘destination’ is a key priority to Mayor Campbell. To be able to showcase the fantastic history and landscapes the Shire has to offer will continue to benefit Cloncurry’s economy. Outdoor exercise equipment and the new waterpark playground are initiatives to make the town even healthier and more family friendly. The revitalisation of Florence Clark Park is proving a great place for tourists to stop and have a break, whilst learning a little about Cloncurry’s strong history.

Cr Campbell is now proudly serving his second term as Mayor of the Cloncurry Shire Council. He has been successful in lobbying for a Youth Worker, Dialysis Service, Road Funding, Bridge upgrades and water and sewerage upgrades. The 2019 Flood event was one of the biggest natural disasters to hit the North West and Greg capably and sensibly steered the Shire through this period. His efforts were recognised by the Prime Minister, who requested he be the first Mayor to become a member of the Flood Recovery Agency.

Mayor Campbell is committed to continuing to ensure Cloncurry gets ‘our fair’ share and that the prosperity that has been created continues to grow.

Mayor Campbell - Register of Interests (PDF). 


CouncillorDeputy Mayor Sam Daniels

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Councillor Daniels was born and raised in Cloncurry. He is a third generation resident of the town. He attended Cloncurry State School for his primary years and finished his secondary education at All Souls in Charters Towers. Councillor Daniels has a long association with the pastoral industry. He has worked in his family’s agri-businesses for over 30 years. He is currently the Managing Director of his family’s stock and station agency and cattle pastoral company. Through their family business they have supported many events and committees in the Northwest. Councillor Daniels and his wife Sue are proud to have 3 sons, Jesse, Nicholas and Ben. Councillor Daniels and his extended family have been long term supporters and members of the Cloncurry and District Race Club. Councillor Daniels was elected to council in 2020 and is proud to represent the residents in the Cloncurry Shire. He is committed to supporting local business, improving infrastructure and enhancing the ‘liveability’ within the Shire.

Deputy Mayor Daniels - Register of Interest (PDF)


CouncillorCouncillor Vicky Campbell

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Councillor Vicky Campbell was elected to Council in April 2016.

The volunteer committees, facilities, events and especially the people are what make the Cloncurry Shire a standout for her. Councillor Vicky feels the spirit of community is the lifeblood of Cloncurry. Having raised and educated seven children here with her husband over the last 30 years, Councillor Vicky Is a proud local.

From her employment as a mail contractor delivering post to a large number of rural residents across the Shire, Councillor Vicky knows firsthand the importance of a good working relationship between both the rural and town ratepayers of the Shire.

Councillor Vicky has great involvement with Councils Community Development Team delivering events and activities to engage the community and enhance the Cloncurry lifestyle.

Councillor Vicky is an active member of Councils Audit and Risk Committee, the Community Advisory Network, and is also the Councillor Tourism Representative. It is with this knowledge of hard work and community unity that Councillor Vicky works to build and progress the Shire of Cloncurry.

Councillor Campbell - Register of Interest (PDF). 


CouncillorCouncillor Nathan Keyes

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Since finishing his schooling, Councillor Keyes has only ever been employed in the Cloncurry Shire. He worked as a Stationhand on local cattle properties before obtaining his helicopter licence in 2003. From there he began aerial mustering on properties from the Gulf of Carpentaria all the way down to the channel country, so is fortunate to have a broad knowledge of the area from both air and land. 

Councillor Keyes and his brother have managed the Cloncurry Saleyards on behalf of CSC since 2015, and also run their own beef cattle enterprise. In doing so, they are fortunate to be able to talk to many people in the transport and beef cattle industries. 

Having had a long history with the Cloncurry Shire, Councillor Keyes is keen to see it grow and reach further development. Cloncurry is a standout town for him because of its geographical location and being known as the 'hub of the North-West' - all roads lead to the Curry.

He’s a strong supporter of local businesses in our Shire - we must support them as they support our community events, create jobs, stimulate the economy and bring pride to our community. Councillor Keyes believes everyone in our Shire should be looked after, from our children to our seniors and he wants to help improve our health care, education and day care facilities.

Councillor Keyes - Register of Interests (PDF)


CouncillorCouncillor Janessa Bidgood 

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Councillor Bidgood grew up in the Cloncurry Shire and has a long family history here. She has a strong passion for the growth of Cloncurry and believes she can best help achieve this through her role as a Councillor.

Councillor Bidgood loves living in the Cloncurry Shire because of the great people, diverse industries, range of opportunity and family connections. 

Councillor Bidgood - Register of Interests (PDF)



Councillor Dane Swalling 

P 0408 019 691

Councillor Dane Swalling is proud to be a Cloncurry local, having lived here his whole life.

Councillor Swalling is following a proud family tradition of being involved in Local Government and is extremely thrilled to have been elected to work for the community of Cloncurry. 

After completing a plumbing apprenticeship locally, Dane progressed to establishing his own Plumbing Business and provides a service for Cloncurry and surrounding districts. The flexibility of owning his own business provides an enhancement to his role as Councillor as he is able to organise his time to fulfil both roles. 

Councillor Swalling is married with children and has always supported a wide variety of community groups through his business and personally. 

Councillor Swalling is passionate about the Cloncurry Shire and the lifestyle it provides. During his time on Council, Councillor Swalling is eager to ensure that locals come first in all opportunities that the Council provides. 

Councillor Swalling - Register of Interests (PDF)