Development Applications Decided by Council

Application Number Applicant Description of Development Property Description Decision Date Decision Notice
TP13/19 Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure & Planning Unmanned Aerial Test Facility Lot 36 on RP884323 15.11.19 Link
TP01/19 Curry Project Management on behalf of Cloncurry Shire Council TP/01/19 - Operational Works (Construction of a Category 2 levee) Various 19.03.2019 Link 
TP05/19 Timothy and Lisa Commins TP05/19 - Accepted Development (Home Office) Lot 1 on MPH4613 28.06.19 Link
TP06/19 Andrew Richardson C/- Colin Saunders TP06/19 MCU - Low Impact Industry (Mechanical Workshop) Lot 4910 on SP135396 09.08.19 Link
TP08/19 Mathew and Tanya Brown TP08/19 - Accepted Development (Home Office) Lot 2 on RP900365 17.10.19 Link
TP12/19 Kevin and Karen McGee C/- Auzscot Constructions TP12/19 Referral Agency Response - Driveway Crossover Lot 9&10 on RP703328 12.10.19 Link
TP04/19 Curry Project Management on behalf of Cloncurry Shire Council TP04/19 MCU – Transport Depot Lot 96 on CP904803 28.05.2019 Link
TP02/19 Cloncurry Constructions on behalf of Wally and Robyn Ernst TP02/19 Referral agency response - siting dispensation Lot 3 on RP718624 16.04.2019 Link
TP08/18 Empower Engineers & Project Managers on behalf of Department of Transport and Main Roads TP08/18 MCU – Operational Works – (Construction of Reticulated Sewerage and Water to Residential Dwellings) Lot 21 on SP206715, Lot 1 on SP198804, Lot 2 on SP198804, Lot 3 on SP198804, Lot 4 on SP198804, Lot 5 on SP198804, Lot 6 on SP198804, Lot 7 on SP198804, Lot 8 on SP198804, Lot 9 on SP198804, Lot 10 on SP198804, Lot 11 on SP198804 and Lot 3 on MPH21947. 20.11.2018 Link
TP06/18 Curry PM on behalf of Cloncurry Shire Council TP06/18 MCU – Extension to a Utility Installation (Sewerage Treatment Plant) Lot 99 on BD168 and Lot 160 on SP169675 03-07-2018 Link
TP01/18 M Hasted Referral Agency Response – Siting Dispensation Lot 13 on MPH14011 16-02-2018 Link
TP02/18 Grand Central Industries (Holdings) P/L TP02/18 MCU – High Impact Industry (intermodal Rail Loading Facility) and Environmentally Relevant Activity (ERA 50 – Bulk Material Handling) Part of Lot 2463 on PH760 15-05-2018 Link
TP03/18 Master Plan and Country Planners TP03/17 MCU – Non-resident workforce accommodation (48 units) TP03/17 MCU – Non resident workforce accommodation (48 units) 15-05-2018 Link
TP04/18 Chinova Resources Osborne Pty Ltd TP04/18 Minor Change to Development Approval TP17/13 Lot 109 on SP213577 01.05.2018 Link
TP05/18 Aurizon Property P/L TP05/18 Reconfiguring a Lot – (1 Lot into 2 lots) Lot 17 on SP147784 15.05.2018 Link
TP04/17 Chinova Resources Osborne Pty Ltd Minor Change to Development Approval TP17/13 MCU - (Extractive Industry) Lot 109 on SP213577 01-05-2018 Link
TP14/17 Cloncurry Shire Council Reconfiguring a Lot (3 lots into 3 lots) Lot 1 & 2 on SP219317 and Lot 214 on C1961 12-12-2017 Link
TP16/17 IOR Petroleum Fuel Minor Change to TP02/06 (MCU-General Industry (Fuel Depot) Lot 3 on RP818179
Lot 6 on CP868102
Lot 5 on CP868101
12-09-2017 Link
TP09/17 Aurizon Material Change of Use Lot 16 on SP130414 and part of Lot 46 on SP233672 12-09-2017 Link
TP17/17 Aurizon Operational works associated with MCU TP09/17 Lot 16 on SP130414 22-09-2017 Link
TP15/17 Telstra Corporation Limited Tele-communications Facility 2 on CP LS12 24-10-2017 Link
TP04/13 BM Diggle Extension to an Existing Approval Currency Period Lot 19 on C19617 24-10-2017 Link
TP10/18 G. Baker C/- BNC Planning TP10/18 MCU - Office Lot 40 on CP911399 11.12.2018 Link


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