The simple things we can do at home and work to conserve and protect our habitat will improve our quality of life.

Most actions to sustain our environment involve better management of natural resources and energy – saving us money at the same time – without compromising our standard of living or comfort.

Be water wise

Council’s tips for saving water:

  • Have a shorter shower – Grab an iPod or a radio and only shower for the length of one song
  • Be a leak detective – Check all hoses, connectors and taps regularly for leaks. You may be surprised how much water can get away without you even noticing.
  • Only wash with a full load – Only use your washing machine when your dirty clothes basket is full.
  • Make use of your toilets half flush – Using the half flush feature will significantly reduce the amount of water your toilet uses.

Energy Use at Home

An energy efficient home begins with its occupants. Understanding your behaviour inside the home is the most important first step to reducing energy and water use and therefore your cost of living!

How you operate your electrical items including your hot water, heating and cooling systems, lighting, appliances, reticulation, pool pump or spa will have a bearing on how much or how little you consume.