The Cloncurry Shire is home to a myriad of cemeteries, from those within the Cloncurry borders and surrounds to those abandoned mining townships within the Shire. Historical records show that some of the earliest graves located in the Cloncurry Shire are from 1867 when Cloncurry's founding father; Ernest Henry discovered copper.

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Cloncurry Lawn Cemetery

The Cloncurry Lawn Cemetery is located next to the Cloncurry Cemetery, on the corner of Sir Hudson Fysh Drive, Alice Street and Henry Street. Graves in the lawn cemetery are dated from 1968 until the present day. All graves in the lawn cemetery face East-West and run parallel in two portions. All plaques are placed on cement headstones which are now inclined and can be purchased from Council to manage the elements' corrosive nature to the plaques. The fees and charges are listed below.

Council wishes to advise that inclined headstones with flower positioning will be used when purchasing new plaques for the cemetery. 

Cloncurry Shire Council Cemetery Policy

Cloncurry Shire Council administers operating cemeteries at Cloncurry, Kajabbi, and Dajarra. The Cemeteries Policy provides a framework of regulations and guidelines to ensure that they operate in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. It helps establish standards for cemetery management, interment practices, and infrastructure, ensuring that all activities related to burial and memorialization are conducted in a lawful and appropriate manner.


Item Fee
Grave Location Search $32.00
Interment of Ashes including application fee $380.00
Reservation of a Grave $235.00
Plaque - ordered by Council At Cost
Plaque installation - Lawn Cemetery (including application fee) $260.00
Plaque installation - Memorial Wall (including application fee) $155.00
Burial - Monday to Friday (13 years and over) $1,680.00
Burial - Second Internment - Monday to Friday (13 years and over) $1,700.00
Burial -  anytime (under 13 years) FREE
Burial - Weekend & Public Holiday - (13 years and up) $2,570.00
Burial - Second Internment - Weekend & Public Holiday - (13 years and up) $2,570.00
After hours back fill (after 3pm) $425.00
Old Cemetery - Second Internment $2,500.00