Chinaman Creek Dam Chinaman Creek Dam

The Cloncurry Weir is an essential piece of infrastructure to further drought-proof the town and provide a safe and reliable water supply for residents. 

A sustainable water supply is an essential Council service. Recent years of below-average rainfall highlighted the need for Council to construct additional infrastructure to secure long-term water storage. 

The Weir completed in February 2014 has proven to be a valuable asset to Council and is a long-term water storage solution. 

The Weir also supports economic development through the provision of adequate water for industry. 

Fast Facts 
•    Completed in February 2014
•    Secures an additional 700 mega litres of water in the Cloncurry River
•    Ability to harvest 35 mega litres per day into Chinaman Creek Dam which equates to eight days of town usage per day of harvesting
•    The water held by the Weir replenishes river aquifers and shallow fractures rock aquifers 
•    $150,000 of works were funded by the Queensland State Government Local Government Grants Subsidy Program.