Certification and Inspections

Council provides a professional service for all your building enquiries however legislation was changed by the State Government in 1998 to enable private Building Certifiers who are not employed by Council, to approve building work. You are required to engage a private Certifier who is licensed by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC). Private Certifiers can issue building approvals, carry out all mandatory inspections and certify that the building work complies with the approval as well as relevant regulations. 

Certification assessment enables the public to gain building approval and ensure constructions comply with the following legislative requirements.

  • Building Act 1975
  • Building Regulations 2006
  • Building Code of Australia
  • Australian Standards
  • Queensland Development Code
  • any other relevant legislation

Building Inspections

Any inspections that are required as part of your building work will be noted on the decision notice, which is used upon approval of your building application. You will need to contact your Private Building Certifier.

It is important to ensure that the required inspections are conducted. A Certificate is issued to verify the building work has been completed in compliance with the approved plans and building regulations. 

Pre-purchase building and pest inspections

Council does not offer building and pest inspection services for people wishing to purchase a property. A number of private businesses offer these services and can be found in local telephone and business directories.