Local Disaster and Recovery Information

Local Disaster Management Plan

The best time to prepare for a disaster is before one is even on its way. Planning well means nothing is left to chance and that everyone knows what they need to do and where things are. Because storms, fires, droughts and floods are a part of life in North West Queensland, it’s easy to become complacent. There a lots of resources available to help prepare and support you during a natural disaster. The check list and plan below are a great prompt to ensure you have everything prepared ahead of this wet season.

Cloncurry Shire Council, through the work of the Local Disaster Management Group, will maintain their commitment to effective disaster management for the Shire.

Important Contacts and Resources

Listed below are important contacts that may be needed during disaster and emergency situations. Residents are reminded to record important contact details on their Emergency Plan such as all householder mobile phone numbers, other numbers such as work, school, childcare providers, friends, neighbours, your household emergency contacts and the disaster and  emergency numbers listed below. 

Important Contacts and Resources Contact Number Website
Life Threatening Emergencies (Police, Fire, Ambulance) 000 www.triplezero.qov.au
SES Assistance, coordinated by Queensland Fire and Emegency Services 132 500 www.qfes.qld.gov.au
Road Information 131 940 www.qldtraffic.qld.gov.au
Cloncurry Shire Council 07 4742 4100 www.cloncurry.qld.gov.au
Bureau of Meteorology 1300 659 210 www.bom.gov.au
Get Ready Queensland   www.getready.qld.gov.au
Get Ready North West Queensland   www.getreadynwq.com.au
ABC North West Queensland Radio (106.5FM)   www.facebook.com/ABCNorthWestQLD/

Electrical Safety During Storms

Storms, floods, cyclones and unpredictable weather are a part of life in Queensland. Be prepared for storm season and check out these tips linked below from the Queensland Government to make sure you and your home are electrically safe.

Electrical Safety Tips

Local Disaster Management Plan Information

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