Development Applications on Notification

Application Number Applicant Description of Development Property Description Date Lodged Stage
TP05/16 Grand Central Industries Multi-User Loadout Facility 2463 on PH760 31-08-2016 Public Notification
TP15/17 Telstra Corporation Limited Tele-communications Facility 2 on CP LS12 16-08-2017 Referral
TP17/17 Aurizon Op-works associated with MCU TP09/17 Lot 16 on SP130414 22-08-2017 Decision



Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning Unmanned Aerial Test Facility Lot 36 on RP884323 15-11-19 Public Notification
TP01/20 Link InsiteSJC on behalf of Brad Smith MCU – Impact Industry (Motor Vehicle Repairs) Lot 2 & 4 o RP708248 15-12-2020 Public Notification