Cloncurry Saleyards

Cloncurry Saleyards

Saleyard Owner
Cloncurry Shire Council

Saleyard Operator
Keyes Cattle Co

Saleyard Address
Sir Hudson Fysh Drive, Cloncurry 4824

Saleyard Contact
Nathan Keyes - 0429 055 295
Dustin Keyes - 0427 352 839

Property Identification Code (PIC)

  • Cloncurry Dirty Yards - QECR0084
  • Cloncurry Clean Yards - QGCR0117


  • 24/7 dipping and weighing facility
  • Truck washdown
  • Yard lights and electrical services
  • Amenities

Cloncurry Saleyards

The Cloncurry Saleyards are the second largest cattle handling facility in Queensland, with the capacity to hold up to 20,000 head of cattle. There are two facilities; the clean yards are along Hensley Drive and are for tick free stock only. The main facility (the dirty yards) can be accessed via Sir Hudson Fysh Drive.

The yards have had recent upgrades that have improved safety and usability of the facility. The upgrades include replacement of unserviceable posts, rails and gates; dust suppression with water reticulation across the entire yard; upgrades to truck access and loading facilities.

There is a 24/7 truck stop facility at the dirty yards, along Sir Hudson Fysh Drive. The truck stop has an undercover eating area, BBQs, fridges, toilets and showers.

This year Cloncurry Saleyards hosted the first bull sale in Cloncurry in over 10 years. The newly covered sales and exhibition areas with bar facilities hosted a buyers from all over Queensland and as far reaching as the Northern Territory. Cloncurry Shire Council is in the process of constructing 20 bull pens, to enable more bull and cattle sales in the future.

Please direct all Cloncurry Saleyard enquiries to the yard operators, Keyes Cattle Co.